Here's How You Can H.E.L.P. Others:

Community leaders and part-time volunteers are needed to open and assist projects in communities throughout the USA and abroad. We provide the training which enables people to volunteer at an existing center or open their own H.E.L.P. center. Ongoing assistance is given to each project in the the areas of technical delivery, public relations, fundraising and project expansion.

Volunteer Information

You can make a difference in someone's life in as little as four hours a week. Volunteers make the work we do possible by committing to tutor and mentor our students and walk-ins with reading, writing and our study skills program.

If you decide to volunteer, you first will be trained on how to tutor effectively. Theyn you will be matched one-on-oine with a deserving and eager student. The only educational requirement for being a mentor/tutor is an eighth-grade reading level.

Your first step is to come into a local H.E.L.P. center [worldwide locations click here] for a tour. The tour is a wonderful opportunity for you to learn about the steps of our student and tutor training programs. You will get a change to browse our facilities and see first hand how our program is producing results in the community.

After the tour, you'll fill out a volunteer application and we'll work together to plan your training schedule. To protect our students and the other volunteers, a full background check, including fingerprinting, will take place at our facility.

Contant for more information. Or call: (323) 463-2100.

You may also contact:
Applied Scholastics International
11755 Riverview Drive
St. Louis, MO 63138
Phone: (314) 355-6355