H.E.L.P. is where you can help others
Learn How To Learn

Some people have a hard time learning. Here at H.E.L.P. we say, "You can learn anything you want to learn!"

Learning is understanding new things and getting better ways to things. At H.E.L.P. we teach people of all ages how to learn.

How can I learn?

First, you have to decide that you want to learn something.

Next, you have to recognize there are barriers to learning. A barrier is something that blocks the way or stops you from going on. We teach others how to recognize barriers when they come across them--and what to do to overcome each barrier.

How can I help my child learn?

H.E.L.P. can teach you many tools to help your child learn more easily and rapidly by overcoming the barriers to learning as they arise. With the proven strategies of Study Technology, developed by author and humanitarian, L. Ron Hubbard, your child can greatly improve his or her reading, handwriting and grammar skills.

How can I help others learn?

Sign up to help H.E.L.P. Because our tutoring services are free, volunteers, like you, are the heart and soul of H.E.L.P. If you would like to help others learn and succeed, while learning and succeeding at something yourself, contact a H.E.L.P. center near you.

Contant amandac@helplearn.org for more information. Or call: (323) 463-2100.

You may also contact:
Applied Scholastics International
11755 Riverview Drive
St. Louis, MO 63138
Phone: (314) 355-6355

The daily rewards of helping others to read and succeed at learning are immeasurable. Sign up today and help H.E.L.P. make the world a better place.