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When parents and schools don't have the strategies and methods for dealing with learning problems, the church can step in to provide tutoring for those interested in education.

If you are a minister of any faith, you'll find several solutions to illiteracy, deliquency, loss of hope and joblessness here. Our educational methods and learning strategies renew interest in learning, which carries with it a long list of positive virtues.


It is often the case that religious leaders come to learn the methods of Study Technology because they care for the people in their community and are bound by faith to provide help to those who need it most. After-school tutoring and various other programs can be administered by local congregations if the schools are not doing their job. Applied Scholastics has trained many religious leaders for this situation.

We also care about the human condition. We understand that literacy and a love of learning changes people, neighborhoods and communities for the better. It's the continual and mounting frustration of misunderstandings that wear a soul down until they are ready to rebel and ultimately quit. Our students become lifelong, self-reliant learners interested in education and able to apply what they learn in their daily lives.

If you need immediate assistance, someone will answer your call.
Dial 314-355-6355 in St. Louis or toll free: 877-75 LEARN elsewhere.

If this is your first visit with us, you may wish to become acquainted with us by viewing these videos of students, teachers and ministers as they describe their experience with our methods. Independent and academic researchers have written white papers describing and praising our methods.

Ministers who have shared Study Technology with members of their congregations have reported the following:

"As part of the city government I am not interested in trying to take over our educational system, but from experience I know that our school systems need all the help they can get. From my personal experience I can say that your Applied Scholastics Achievement Program is a part of the solution by bringing community and education together." Rev.Alfreddie Johnson, PhD  
"As the Presiding Elder of the St. Louis Columbia District AME Churches, I am extremely proud to be affiliated with Applied Scholastics International. The Applied Scholastics Achievement Program is on the cutting edge of learning and has proven to be an effective tool. I would recommend it to anyone." - Rev. C. Jessel Strong  
"The Applied Scholastics Achievement Program has been a blessing to the children that we have been ministering through the tutoring program. I would highly recommend that other religious leaders seriously consider implementing this program in their own church communities." - Pastor Roscoe Johnson  
"Rarely in a lifetime does an innovation come along that is multi-national and trans-generational that has the opportunity to change the complexion of its benefactors. Well, E.L. Warren Ministries has discovered and partnered with Applied Scholastics and the Study Technology of L. Ron Hubbard to introduce a scientific approach to eradicating illiteracy."- Bishop E.L. Warren, Presiding Prelate International, Network of Affiliated Ministries  
“There are solutions to the student who is behind, struggling or has given up....Applied Scholastics gets results.” - Rev. Dr. Sammie Jones, Mt. Zion M.B. Church  
"To have witnessed 3-year-old children reading at or above first grade level was quite fascinating to say the least. – Rev. Dr. E.G. Shields, Mt. Beulah M.B. Church  

We offer books and correspondence courses for those unable to attend our campus. For everyone else we offer concentrated courses on campus that will open your eyes and give you a fresh start.

If you need further assistance, contact us at the addresses and numbers below. You'll receive a prompt reply and some friendly advice from educators who understand your problem and how to solve it.


11755 Riverview Drive, St. Louis, MO 63138 | 314-355-6355 | toll free 877-75 LEARN | fax 314-355-2621

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