Kimberly Mendoza's Success Story:

We hear stories like this one everyday. Become involved and you'll become a part of someone's success story, and probably several!

Coming to H.E.L.P. truly was a life-changing experience. I came here to H.E.L.P. in February of 2000, as a young girl who was shy and afraid to talk to people. I could not even look anyone in the eye or even talk to someone face-to-face. I was afraid of being judged and not liked. I had low self-esteem and I even had problems with my family at home.

Not only did I struggle with my self-esteem, but I also struggled at school with my grades. I was flunking and got an F on almost every test in science. Actually, I struggled in every subject, mainly because I could not even communicate to my teachers or classmates and I was not motivated to do well in school. My life at that time was terrible; I even had problems with friends. Everyday at school, I sat alone because I was shy to talk or play with anyone. I probably had problems in almost every aspect of my life. It was horrific!

All that changed when I came to H.E.L.P.

I found out about H.E.L.P. through a doctor referral. Actually, the doctor referred only my brother to H.E.L.P. However, I decided to also go to H.E.L.P. with my brother and give it a try. During the first month I started to change. I noticed that I was doing better in school. However, I was still shy.

I took many courses here at H.E.L.P. that helped me with certain things. First, I took "Learning How to Learn". I learned how to study more effectively and I learned to notice the problems I already had with my study habits. This course helped my grades to get higher.

Then, I took "Communicating is Fun". This course helped me to communicate more effectively with those around me. This course dramatically changed how I viewed myself and others, how I spoke and how I expressed myself. Now I feel more confident about myself and speaking to others. I learned how to speak loudly and clearly and how to communicate my ideas in an effective way.

Also, I learned how to use the dictionary and how to look up words that I don't understand. This helped me to do well in school, with my homework and tests.

Next I took the "Grammar and Communication" course. In this course, I learned more about the words of the English language and how to use them. I learned about prepositions, adjectives, adverbs, nouns, pronouns, and so much more. Moreover, I also learned more about how to communicate those words.

Lastly, I took "The Way to Happiness" course. Here I learned so much about how to live life to the fullest and how to live happily. I now know how I can greatly affect the people around me and the world in which I live. I can take what I learned and share it with everyone. Sharing my knowledge will make others happy. I learned that life is a road of happiness, if you go the right direction. You control where you go and you will go the right way if you know how to trust yourself and take care of yourself.

I know that H.E.L.P. has changed me. I am a totally different person now. I am very confident about myself and I have learned to appreciate myself more. I have very good grades and I love school more then ever. I have learned how to make myself happy and those around me happy. I am not afraid to confront anyone. I can talk to anyone from a baby to an adult and I am not afraid of who I am. I am a good communicator now and I make sure that my voice is heard. I make eye contact and I can now communicate my ideas better than before. At school, I no longer sit alone. I sit with many groups of friends and I talk a lot now. I talk too much actually. J I am not struggling in school anymore and because of my communication skills, I have a good relationship with all of my teachers. I am involved in many extra curricular activities and I am now involved in many activities at school.

I would like to thank every single staff member at H.E.L.P. even those I do not even know. Every staff member has had a huge impact on my life, whether it is big or small. Thank you to Simon, Lisa, Shirley, Kristin, Karla, Mike, Vicky, and to all the other staff members. Thank you for helping me to get through all of the courses.

All of your support, encouragement, smiles, and dedication have helped me so much. I am sure that I will continue to learn and study, as well as communicate using the many types of skills I have learned here at H.E.L.P.

Life is a journey and H.E.L.P. has truly helped me through that long journey, as I grow up into a stronger person. That journey includes a road of happiness and because of what I have learned, I am sure that I will live my life happily.

Kimberly Mendoz