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Teachers enjoy teaching when their students are self-motivated and eager.

School teachers will find several solutions here to help their students rediscover the joy of learning. Recognizing the barriers to learning, how they are manifested when they occur and what to do to remedy them are at the core of what we teach teachers. Our educational methods and learning strategies renew interest in learning, which carries with it a long list of positive virtues.


Teachers come here most often to learn the methods of Study Technology because it's their job and (hopefully) their passion to raise the success rate of all their students. What we teach here is not taught in university teacher curricula. Applied Scholastics has trained many teachers to understand and implement Study Technology, our best weapon against illiteracy, boredom and destructive behaviour.

Other than the basics, we also care about student motivation. We understand that literacy and a love of learning changes people, neighborhoods and communities for the better. It's the continual and mounting frustration of misunderstandings that wears at a student causing them to rebel and ultimately quit. Our students, on the other hand, become lifelong, self-reliant learners interested in education and able to apply what they learn in their daily lives. Discipline problems fade when misunderstandings are handled.

If you need immediate assistance, someone will answer your call.
Dial 314-355-6355 in St. Louis or toll free: 877-75 LEARN elsewhere.

If this is your first visit with us, you may wish to become acquainted with us by viewing these videos of students, teachers and ministers as they describe their experience with our methods. Independent and academic researchers have written white papers describing and praising our methods.

Teachers describe their experience after taking education courses offered at Applied Scholastics:

"To have taught for 44 years and to feel "new" is a most delightful feeling. To have come to appreciate more thoroughly than I could ever have anticipated how important the "misunderstood" word is to every aspect of learning is indeed a revelation. I thought I fully understood until I actually was taken through the process of clearing my "misunderstood" words within this course of study. This course has made so very real the data in the Basic Study Manual and it is with honor that I look to its continued application."
- R.R., Tappan, NY

  "Students and adult learners from all walks of life enroll in the certification program I offer. Study Technology will enable each student to learn at his or her individual pace, fill in the missing gaps and achieve proficiency in theory and practice of this emerging program I offer."
- P.S., St. Charles, MO

"Now that I have completed the Effective Teaching Course I feel I can go back to my classroom and help my students become life long learners. I love the idea of students working towards their own success in learning to read. Reading is the backbone of every other subject or thing we do in life. Without the skills to read, students fail in everything. This program will work wonderfully with my special education students and my second language learners. I will never look at teaching reading in the same way."
- D.S., Las Vegas, NV

  "I have been a "student" for most of my life. I graduated high school at the top of my class. I hold a Bachelor's Degree in two different fields of study. I have a Master's of Education. One would think I knew most of what there was to know about teaching and learning. Well, I can easily say that I learned more about learning and how to teach in the last few days than I did through my entire Master's Program! And, what I learned I can and will actually use in my classroom to help my students. I cannot wait for September just to try it out! Let us get started!"
- L.W., Chicago, IL

"I think that the Effective Teaching Course is a great way of applying the skills of the Basic Study Manual, but in a way where your outlook is to teach. I feel like I can teach others and cannot wait until the time comes when I do. It is nothing short of unbelievable that the tools to teaching can be taught successfully! Fantastic!"
- B.B., Tujunga, CA


We offer books and correspondence courses for those unable to attend our campus. For everyone else we offer concentrated courses on campus that will open your eyes and give you a fresh start.

If you need further assistance, contact us at the addresses and numbers below. You'll receive a prompt reply and some friendly advice from educators who understand your problem and how to solve it.


11755 Riverview Drive, St. Louis, MO 63138 | 314-355-6355 | toll free 877-75 LEARN | fax 314-355-2621

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